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One app, all social needs:

mates, dates and cool


We are changing the way people connect. blixr is designed to actually help you meet people in the real world. Our goal is to make connecting offline as easy as ABC. 

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Your blixr journey


Meet new people

for friendship or love.


Get to know them.


Book experiences

and food tailored to your


Go out

Enjoy and make

memories together.

Connect with like-minded

people who share similar

interests for friendship or love.

With blixr "ChatEasy" 

feature starting a conversation is easy, fun

and always leads to unique creative messages.

blixr's Experience & Food sections bring you the best local events & restaurants tailored to your tastes within seconds

You get limited time to setup a meeting on blixr. So go out, get off the app and connect with new people in the real world.


Our partners

David Goulbourn

- Aim Escape, Co-founder

When I heard about blixr, I thought it was a really great idea. Bringing meeting people and making plans into one app makes people's lives easier and certainly benefits us as a company offering entertainment activities.

- Colab Theatre, Manager

I'm really looking forward to what blixr is going to bring to the table. It's an innovative idea in a world that starting to get more and more experiential. Really excited to be a part of it.

Paul Mansfield

- Mystery Walks, Owner

I have worked with many apps and services before and I believe blixr has a fun and new approach to increasing customer loyalty.


- Suito and Thaisty, Owner

I have full control over my listing and they pay in real time which is great. Their personal approach feels like we are partners, and it’s refreshing.

Bertie Watkins

Awesome London venue?

Want to attract highly engaged loyal customers?

Don't like heavy discounting?

Ticked all the boxes? Then you belong on blixr and we would love to partner with you. If you have a venue or would like to introduce us to one, just email with the details. For each successful referral you both get rewarded.

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