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Oh my! What a beautiful voice!

Take my breath away


Meet new people, make friends and hang out in real life.

Connect at first sound



In the digital world where our eyes are bombarded with thousands of colorful stimuli every second, blixr comes with a twist. Close your eyes and listen... we think listening makes us see better 😊

blixr is a voice-based social discovery app with events. Voice plus ethical algorithms make your online experience awesome and events help you hang out in real life with ease.

Hang out in real life with ease


Discover someone new through voice, video, and more.


No penpals, no chat, just real  conversations.


Browse and book amazing local experiences. Less time choosing more enjoying.


Meet and have a great time.

blixr story

Let's get straight to the point; we have a problem - social apps stick us on a screen instead of empowering real connections. Connecting with someone new online, talking to them, and picking activities for meet-ups requires multiple platforms and that sucks.

And that's exactly what 3 friends were complaining about on a cold December day over one too many cups of mulled wine.


blixr was founded because there is more to a social app than being the "how people meet" and we wanted to build something that would be the "How people want to meet and What people want to do".

blixr not only redefines how people meet but also what people do before and after they meet online.


Wanna find out more? Click Play and hear it from our co-founder Nomin. (Why voice clip? Now, that's the whole concept isn't it 😜)

Proud 2020 Selection

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