Our mission is to reinvigorate real world connections by building a platform to fulfill all social needs. To connect people looking for love or friendship with each other and cool experiences around them


The blixr Journey

blixr is the one app for all your social needs. It instantly connects you with others whether it be for friendships or dating and also to cool local experiences & restaurants at the touch of a button.


Unique Selling Proposition

No magic potion, but just lots of things done better than anyone else out there.

Turning offline on

We have made the long, draining multi-platform process of meeting someone online to offline hassle free, simple and quick. No other app is offering this.

Chat easy

Starting a conversation and lack of real interaction are the biggest pain points for most users. blixr makes them as easy ABC

Unique features

Unique features that don’t exist on other platforms and ability to connect with

new friends, create your own experiences and invite new people to join in

Private stays private

You have full control over your personal information, so you choose who sees your information and what they see.

Free stuff for all

More features for free than any other competitor including ones that users need to pay for on those platforms

Tailored experiences

We offer personalised and fun experience for users which equals stronger and longer connection with the app


Diverse revenue streams: user & merchant subscriptions, commissions and


Users that stick

Unlike other social apps, blixr offers unique content which is not just limited to connecting with new people. This leads to higher user engagement,

retention and ARPU

Strategic Pillars

Connections that

lead to messages

We ensure that all matches on blixr lead to messages.

Focus on real life interactions

To ensure good mental and physical health, it is important we return to connecting in the real world with each-other.

Making new friends

is made easy

blixr provides a platform for people to step away from the hustling and bustling environment we live in to reduce the pressure they feel when engaging with new people.

Solving option 


blixr provides a bespoke selection of local events and restaurants to help users choose their next experience; quickly and stress free.


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Our Values


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