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Join blixr beta testing program

We are building a community that is inclusive, diverse and fun. We need your help to test the app before we launch, so it is the best it can be for our community members.

We know you are busy, so to thank you for the time it takes to test, we will reward you with a 3 month blixr premier membership 🚀. All you need to do is download the app and give us feedback via the survey below - we will take care of the rest!

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Icons App Store Google play_edited.png

What is blixr?

blixr is the only app in the world where you can make new friends, find love and book the best experiences and restaurants at a touch of a button; it's one app for all social needs and the easiest way to be social, explore fun activities and go out.

Why are we different?

1. We have made the long, draining, multi-platform process of meeting  someone online to offline hassle-free, simple and quick. No other app offers this.

2. Starting a conversation and lack of real interaction are the biggest pain points for most users. blixr makes them as easy as ABC.

3. Unique features that don’t exist on other platforms and ability to connect with new friends, create your own experiences and invite new people to join in.

4. We offer personalised and fun experiences for users which equals stronger  and longer connection with the app.

5. Users get cashback when they book on blixr.

6. blixr is ad-free!

7. Your privacy is our responsibility and it's at the core of everything blixr is built upon. We strive to ensure your information stays yours and always safe.

Testing Approach

blixr is available on iOS and Android. Get ready to start blixing!

Before signing up, please take a minute to go through the blixr how-to for a quick overview of the app.  You will see it when you open the app for the first time!

For ease, we have created 2 profiles for you to play with. Alternatively, you can create your own and join the blixr family! Usernames and Passwords are:





After signing up or loging in you will be taken to the Experience tab. 

Some testing suggestions (but play around and have fun)

1. Check out your profile

2. You can add pictures and videos to make your profile more personalised

3. Fill in your personal details

4. Start your blixr journey

5. Check out the Connect tab and click on TeamUp or DateUp

6. You can send a message to your matches or spin the blixr wheel 

7. Book experiences or restaurants. 

8. Create your own experience and invite your matches.

Note 1: If you set the distance to 100 miles it will show you all the users on blixr. When you change the radius to 99 miles or lower then you will see users within the given radius. 

Note 2: When entering credit card information you may use 4111-1111-1111-1111, any name, any future expiry date, 123 in CVC or your actual credit card information. Either way, we are in test mode and you will not be charged.

Note 3: Join our Reddit community or you can post a quick note to us anytime via our CONTACT US on our website 

When finished, please complete the brief questions survey we have prepared. 

Begin your testing and download blixr! Remember you are a blixr family member now!

Don't miss out.

Get blixing now and connect for real!

Icons App Store Google play_edited.png
Icons App Store Google play_edited.png


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