Making new friends is

made easy

Why is it important?

Loneliness is rooted in the inability to make friends in a world which is moving at high speed and does not provide the environment to foster personal relationships. Too many times people want to go somewhere, but have no one

to go with. Often people are new to the city, and don’t know anyone, or simply don’t feel encouraged to meet new people because of their modern lifestyle.

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What will success

look like?

If we are successful, we will see an increase in traffic for our partners and in new experiences created on the platform. This will lead to an increase in revenue linked to commissions.

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Key initiatives

With blixr “TeamUp” feature it is easy connect with like-minded people who share similar interests in activities. Match suggestions are based on users’ profiles and declared interests. Users can also create their own experiences, invite new people and make friends.

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