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Why choose blixr?

Attract larger audience

blixr combines food, experience and social networking market

which means you can attract a large audience compared to

other single market focused apps.

Champions independent businesses

Focus on supporting

community showcased through partnerships with only independent businesses.

Earn more, discount less

Sustainable business practices instead of heavy focus on discounts at the expense of partners. We want users to choose venue based on quality of the offering and not due to big discounts.

High spending quality customers

Generate more revenue by attracting high value and highly engaged customers. Our users are looking to meet & go out after connecting online. On an average people tend to spend more on a date than usual as they aim to impress.

Real time payments

to you

Real time payments to help you better manage finances.

Key Features

Low fee structure and no crippling discounts required

We work with you to seek out ways

to drive more business for you

Promotion to our community boosting your sales

Dashboard with insightful metrics

Improved customer loyalty and


Increased business visibility and reach


Your own dashboard with all the insights you will need to tailor your listing and increase revenue.

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