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New social app blixr goes live — with the aim of bringing digital connections firmly into the real world. The app is designed to transform connections online and offline — it is not just for dating — users can make friends, learn new things and enjoy cool experiences together. It offers social networking, dating and events all in one place — it offers far more than just browsing through endless faces and photos. Users express themselves through an interactive profile and meet new people with shared interests. Simply download the app and start building more meaningful connections.

blixr is all about finding like-minded friendships and relationships — for a potential relationship you can choose to “DateUp”, whereas for a friendship you can pick the “TeamUp” option. On the app, ‘matches’ only have ten days to meet up, so there is less time to browse endless profiles and users will not find themselves in a virtual pen-pal situation. Less time to choose, more time to enjoy!

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) builds a profile pertaining to a user’s likes and dislikes to suggest events and experiences local to them — taking the pressure off arranging the first date. This also provides the user with a tailored selection of experiences and eateries based on their location and analysis of previous matches.

Through the app, users can book tickets to individual experiences which are stored within the user’s profile. For food experiences, there is no need to book in advance. Restaurants will include an option to pay for the bill via the app, allowing the user to receive rewards for every date or social get together. It ensures that the entire experience is quick and convenient.

Co-founder Nomin Bayaraa says:
“Whatever is going on in our lives, our happiness is determined by the quality of our relationships. Unfortunately, today relationships are becoming more superficial. I firmly believe that Generation Z are the most connected amongst us — yet many feel very disconnected. The very nature of online dating and digital technologies mean that people do not build solid connections in the real world anymore. Instead, we accumulate likes and followers without enjoying the real-life experiences that bring us together. We address this issue in a quick, fun and convenient way. blixr bridges the void between making online and offline connections”.

Security and privacy are also paramount to the app. Through first-hand experience Nomin understands the issues that people, and woman in particular, face when using social media platforms and dating apps. Nomin says, “I have deleted apps as a result of receiving unsolicited messages. My friends have also expressed similar concerns with stalkers and catfishers. It is for this reason blixr uses several security and privacy protocols to address these issues.” These include: email verification, selfie verification, ability to control who sees personally identifiable information and one touch quick access to go invisible when you do not want people to see you. When setting up a blixr profile, there is no need to include a surname. blixr profiles only include the user’s first name to ensure the highest standard of privacy. In addition, blixr ‘matches’ also expire after ten days, reducing the amount of time for a catfishers to lock interest.

With over 30 merchants already signed up, including bars, restaurants and independent event venues — and with many more set to partner with the app, blixr will transform the way merchants and entertainment venues work with apps. Through the app, partners can host, market and manage their own listings to attract new customers.

The mission of blixr is to reinvigorate real-world connections by building a platform to fulfil all social needs whether that is platonic or romantic. It aims to connect people looking for love or friendship with each other and provide them with unique and enjoyable experiences that they can share.

The full app launch is planned for November. blixr is free to download and available for both IOS and Android devices.

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