Our Vision

We are part of the movement that craves meaningful relationships. We want

to bring back the sense of love and belonging to our lives

Our mission is to reinvigorate real world connections by building a platform to fulfill all social needs. To connect people looking for love or friendship with each other and cool experiences around them.

Mission Statement

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a privacy focused social app whose revenues are generated from services rather than selling user data. We plan to do big things that no social app is doing, to move mountains in the background and help you connect for real.

Our Values




Your privacy is our responsibility and it's at the core of everything blixr is built upon. We strive to ensure your information stays yours and always safe.

Inclusivity isn't just the right thing to do, it also make sense. Diverse points of view are the only way to grow ourselves and the movement.

We are committed to our users, our merchants and to making a genuine difference. We literally cannot succeed unless they are delighted.




We thrive on new ideas, the spirit of innovation is how we started and we always look to experiment.

Transparency in all we do. No matter where our journey takes us, we will remain true to who we are and never take actions that make you lose faith in us.

We have the courage to believe in what we do and the courage to adapt when it isn’t working. Believe in yourself, break down barriers and build a better you.

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